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Listening Power
Grades K-2

  Fall 2015

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The Listening Power Series

         In App Store!                        October 2015 Release

                                                                          July 2015 release        


                             (Levels 1 & 2 for Elementary-Adolescents)                                    (Advanced for Adolescents-Adults)

Three Activities on ONE APP!

            • Listening & Facial Expressions
            • Body Language & Perspective-Taking
            • Idioms & Slang
  $15.99  (Lite version 99 cents)


                                     Our apps for the elementary age child!
                                                                      Developmental ages 5-11

  You're the Storyteller: The Surprise:
                                                Talk About It: Objects
  A truly animated and wordless storybook                                             Created to work on defining,
  that you narrate and write!                                                                       describing, narrative language,
  Perfect for expressive language, inference,                                           attributes, word retrieval and
  articulation, fluency, writing and more!                                                working memory!

Home version (single user) $5.99
Pro version (up to 30 users) $9.99

                                                                                                     First Phrases                                                  Fun with Directions
                      For developing 3 word phrases                       Listening & following directions!
                        (for the iPad and iPhone)  
                            (for the iPad and iPhone)
                           Developmental ages 2-4                                Developmental ages 3-6
                                      $15.99                                                                $15.99

                         Picture the Sentence                                                       More Fun with Direction
Language & auditory processing, visualizing                                               Spatial concepts
                   (for the iPad & iPhone)                                                          (for the iPad and iPhone)
                  Developmental age 4-6                                                            Developmental age 4-6
$9.99                                                                                        $15.99               

Check out the new looks for our icon!


           First Words International HD
                                                          A cutting-edge multilingual vocabulary app-the first of its kind!
                                     Receptive and expressive vocabulary activities!
                                             Developmental age 2-3 (older for multilingual learning)
     $5.99 (Home version, single user) NEW LOW PRICE 99 cents!
                         $9.99  Pro version, multiple users  NEW LOW PRICE $5.99

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Hi. My name is Patti Hamaguchi. I'm a speech-language pathologist and  I design and create the apps for Hamaguchi Apps, along with a talented team of animators, programmers, voice talent, and illustrators. We use cutting-edge technology to motivate and inspire children to develop their communication skills by playing games that focus on speech, language and auditory development. They are designed to be used either by a professional as part of a therapy program or at home, on the road or anywhere your child wants to play!

A little bit about Patti Hamaguchi:
Patti has been a speech-language pathologist for over 30 years, and has a pediatric speech therapy practice in Cupertino, CA. Along the way, she has written several books, including Childhood Speech, Language & Listening Problems: What Every Parent Should Know (1995 1st edition, 2001, 2nd edition, 2010 3rd edition), which is published in several languages around the world, as well as It's Time to Listen ( and A Metacognitive Program for Treating Auditory Processing Problems in Children (  Patti is also developing a test for children with receptive, expressive and social-communication disorders with Dr. Deborah Swain, for Academic Therapy Publications called the RESCA-E. ( Patti is married and has two children who are now teens.

What makes our apps unique?
Our designs are:
  • Some are specifically designed for children who would benefit from additional practice in their speech, language or auditory development and are more therapeutic in nature (e.g. Picture the Sentence)
  • Some are appropriate for any child and are just plain fun! (e.g Fun with Directions)
  • Affordable ($19.99 or less!)
  • Engaging and fun
  • Colorful and expertly drawn by top animators
  • Highly interactive! (Including animation clips and games)

What got us started on this journey?

When the parents at our speech therapy practice began asking us for recommendations for apps that would help develop their children's speech, listening and language, we searched high and low in the Apple App store, at conferences and on listserves, but found there were very few apps that were designed for this purpose. While we found lots of fun "games" or static picture cards, we grew frustrated with what was obviously a very large untapped resource to help children learn. Traditional software was prohibitively expensive, often ranging into hundreds of dollars for a single program. Wouldn't it be great if there were actual games that did what we needed them to do for both the iPad and iPhone? Animation clips instead of frozen picture cards? A way to record and play back children's language productions? A way to make learning language FUN? Most importantly, wouldn't it be great if this technology was affordable? With this quest in mind, Hamaguchi Apps was born in 2011. Of course now there is a wide range of great apps for speech in the App store, so we recognize that the consumer has a great many choices. We believe our apps stand out because we bring a very solid theoretical framework to the layout and design of our apps. Each decision is carefully weighed in terms of answering questions such as, 'Does this app do something that would be hard to replicate with traditional therapy materials? Does it offer features that would make learning more efficient and effective?' 'Is it FUN?' We use studio audio quality, professional artwork, creativity, innovation, and state of the art technology to our apps to give you the very best quality we can. We hope you and your child enjoy them!

What are parents and professionals saying about our apps?

"These are the BEST apps for speech therapy! I can use them with so many of the kids on my caseload!"   (Speech Pathologist)

"These are great apps to develop speech in my son with autism. He loves the games and hearing his voice. He is finally starting to put phrases together!"  (Mom--referencing the 'First Phrases' app)


Touch. Play. Learn. Smile  :)

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